Adding Apex To Your Store from Apex Dropshipping on Vimeo.

🚨 [URGENT] You MUST complete these steps below in order for us to build your store! 👇

Click Here To Create Your Shopify Store

1. Sign up for your Shopify store using the link above. (You MUST use this link and also make sure to use the same name as you entered as your order from us so that we can verify your order)


2. After you create your Shopify store account, you'll need to add us as a staff account by doing this: (you can also follow along by watching the step-by-step video on this page) *you may need to select a plan on Shopify before doing this. You can just select the basic monthly Shopify plan!


3. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Users and permissions.


4. Click Add staff. (If you can't add staff, that means you need to select a plan on Shopify first. Just select the basic monthly plan!)


5. Enter the following staff members information:

-First and Last Name: Apex Dropshipping

-Email Address: apexstorecreation@gmail.com


6. Select these permissions:

-ALL of the permissions under General

-ALL of the permissions under Online Store

-ALL of the permissions under Apps and Channels


7. Click Send invite.


That's it! We'll then accept the invite and build your store within 72 hours. After we're done building your store you'll receive an email confirmation saying that your order was fulfilled! You can then remove us as a staff account if you want.