Welcome to The Apex Challenge. Where we put 10 hardworking dropshippers up to the test. The first person to make $500 in pure profit at the end of the challenge will not only get a full refund but we will give them $500 on top of that! 

There is no cost to get in, we do not take any percent from your sales, this is 100% your own store. Our goal here is help, motivate & reward new drosphippers, like yourself, in taking the next step in their journey.  


  1. You need to make sure your store is created under this URL. We will be cross checking everyone who joins and if the store isn't made under this you will not be eligible to enter this challenge
  2. Provide proof & documentation of your sales at the end of the challenge. This will all need to be submitted by December 22, 2022
  3. LEARN, the best part of this challenge is learning how to be your own boss. Which will then allow you to work whenever and wherever you feel like!

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